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An accurate contradictory cargo tally is an essential intervention which goal is to accurately determine the quantity of cargo loaded, discharged, delivered at a certain point. In order to be useful, a cargo tally needs to be contradictory so that it is essential that all concerned parties be always invited, in an official manner, to perform or attend a contradictory cargo tally.

Our Tally Company in Thailand has the expertise in this field based on a few decades experience and knowledge, not only as a Tally Company in Thailand but, also, as a Tally Company in many other countries which list is detailed in the Group 3A Network menu here above.

Based on this experience and global knowledge, we can apply our expertise at both ends of the transportation (loading and discharging – or vice versa) so that, not only the claims for shortages be minimized, it not inexistent, but also minimize any claims in general.

Our tally company staff is composed of various levels of clerks but all led by experienced senior checkers and team leaders. They always work in close co operation with our surveyors who are continuously receiving feedbacks and can advise the clients accordingly in case of need.

It is essential that tally companies be totally independent as obvious highly prejudicial conflicts of interests could arise. It is always advisable to check who are the real operators to avoid such situation.

The role and responsibility of the Tally Company in Thailand as well as in any other countries include (but not limited to):

  • Accurately counting the cargo and ensuring about quantities
  • Alerting the Clients in case of potential issue regarding the quantity
  • Alerting the Clients’ surveyors in case any suspicious quality is detected
  • Ensure about markings and packaging so that cargo checked should correspond to the indicated particulars
  • Issue a tally report there from

The intervention of a tally company, when properly chosen, and more over if the company can attend at both ends of the sea transport, can only benefit all parties concerned by the contract of carriage by avoiding shortage claims and it has also proven that claims for wet damage have also dramatically been reduced thanks to very accurate follow up by tally clerks and proper alert in due time in case of discovered issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a “tailor made” quotation should you consider using the services of a tally company in Thailand.