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The cargo surveyor is an independent marine surveyor but whose role will concern the cargo.

Although ships tend to be of a better condition each year passing by it nevertheless remains and hostile environment for many cargoes. Permanent vicinity with the air full of humidity, changes of temperatures as ships travel along to their destination, potential very heavy weather, there are many reasons why a cargo could be damaged in spite of all good care taken by the sea carrier.

As the ship’s carrying capacities have increased so have the value of the tonnages involved. It is now very normal to have cargoes worth several millions of US Dollars on board the ships at each passage.
Claims can therefore be very easily huge and it is essential that proper investigation and evidence collection be made in time and as per professional standards so that same can be handled accordingly.

Amongst our staff, we can choose the competent Cargo Surveyor in Thailand to attend each and every of our clients’ request. The choice of the surveyor will depend of course on the requested scope of activity and the concerned cargo.

The role and responsibility of the Cargo Surveyor in Thailand as well as in any other countries include (but not limited to) :

  • Evidence the condition of the cargo
  • Investigate cargo loss or damage
  • Provide technical and professional advice
  • Estimate the cost of the cargo

The intervention of a cargo surveyor, when properly documented and accurately informed by the customers, should definitely minimize the losses of time when handling the claims as well as eventually minimize the actual losses by suggesting proper ways to mitigate the damage/losses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us as we shall certainly have the Cargo Surveyor in Thailand that you need to protect your interests.