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Cargo Claims

We are here to help in finding the best solution and to minimize the losses.

As P&I Club Correspondents, we do our utmost to reduce our clients’ and their Members’ exposure to any cargo claims, either by advising and arranging the most efficient protective measures available (draft surveys, loading surveys/tallies, discharge surveys/tallies and preliminary hatch opening reports) or by appointing competent and cost-effective surveyors to identify the causes and extent of any damage and/or attend court survey meetings.

Claims are handled by our own specialized legal department assisted when necessary, by the lawyers’ members of our network.

Our Legal Department has the expertise and knowledge, based on experience and solid legal instruction, to help in negotiating with the claimants in case of threats of arrest. We offer appropriate advice concerning the wordings to be used and the quantum of the request itself. Such claimants usually being cargo owners/ insurers, agents in case of custom’s fine, port authorities.

Cargo Tally Verification & Surveys

Our cargo tally verification services provide assurance that the quality or quantity of goods to be shipped or discharged is that described as the bills of lading by ensuring quality and quantity of the cargo concerned.

Rice and sugar cargoes are extremely sensitive due to their nature (subject to potential huge claims due to either water ingress, high moisture contents or condensation) or subject to various other situations also leading to claims and arrests due to shortages and various damages.

Accurate and systematic tallies at both end of the transport have proved to minimize these claims.

Our services for surveys cover all aspects of the marine and cargo surveying at any ports where we are located or represented by one of our members.

Our surveyors are available to attend on board a ship at sea or alongside berth, at the receiver’s premises, or wherever is appropriate and at whatever time or day their presence is required.

Stowaways, Crew Injury & Illness

We handle stowaway cases so as to find solutions to take these unexpected passengers out of the ships in view of their repatriations.

Group 3A Trading Co., Ltd. has commercial access to many embassies and consulates around the world.

Our area of expertise is predominantly throughout the African continent, although we can make representations world-wide.

Our in-house expertise and pragmatic approach to dealing with stowaway documentation and repatriation, ensures positive and speedy results.

Upon request we also offer appropriate services in case of illness or injury, when we can organize for urgent disembarkation, monitor hospitalization and ensuring good treatment until repatriation or recovery.

We have medical and non medical escorts so as to assist such repatriations.

As a Group, we are offering a thorough follow up of your transportation risks:

  • Benefits of complete services (door to door)
  • Monitoring loading (tally and loss prevention survey at port of origin)
  • Monitoring unloading (tally at port of destination)

With our highly skilled Legal Department staff we provide proactive claims management: Our claims management expertise has been honored on some of the largest Marine liability claims of the recent past. We will also offer a very personal ‘’Club style’’ approach to claims liability.